99 of the Best Custom Button Ideas and Templates

99 of the Best Custom Button Ideas and Templates

99 of the Best Custom Button Ideas and Templates

UberButtons® Custom Button Ideas August 22, 2016 Comments

Buttons are an easy way to show your creativity and support. Be simple or extravagant, serious or sarcastic. If you have a message, the perfect button can capture it with style.

There is a lot of opportunities to design your own buttons and let your creativity soar. Selecting a design for a custom button is easier than ever with this extensive roundup.

1. Flag Buttons

US Flag

Some of the best button designs are the patriotic designs. Create a button with your state’s flag on it. Or, if you are from another country, represent your nation with a button showing off your nation’s patriotism.

2. Blog or Online Business Buttons

Blog Key

Create custom buttons for your blog or online business. These will be fun to wear and advertise. Instead of passing out boring business cards, these custom buttons are also a great opportunity to pass out.

3. Pokemon Buttons

Pokemon Go

Stay ahead of the trends. With the resurgence of popularity for Pokemon through Pokemon Go, share with the world your favorite Pokemon by wearing them on a button you create!

4. Alphabet Buttons


Custom button designs don’t always have to be complicated. They can be as simple as one letter. This can represent your name, your surname, or anything else.

5. Number Buttons


Along with the same thought of alphabet buttons are custom number buttons. Represent how old you are, how many children you have, the age you got married, your lucky number, etc.

6. Wedding Party Buttons



There is a new trend for having weddings by stylish but simple—not elegant. Create your own custom buttons with the colors of your wedding. Denote who the bride will be, the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and family of the bride and groom. It will be a more creative (and more fun) way to set the wedding party apart than boutonnieres and flowers.

7. Picture Buttons

family pictures

Tired of carrying around a wallet stuffed full of pictures of your kids and loved ones? A more creative way is to have their picture stamped onto a custom design button. Wear your loved ones on your blouse or bag proudly.

8. Graduating Class Buttons

graduating students

Share your school spirit with your school colors, mascot, and when you are graduating. This can be a great idea for not only individual students to design but also for the administration of schools to pass out to the senior body.

9. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Buttons

wedding party

Instead of buying cheap, plastic, pink tiaras and sashes from Claire’s for a bachelorette party, design your own custom buttons. Be silly and sarcastic with phrases, such as “the last fling before the ring!”

10. Sports Teams Buttons

dallas cowboys

Support your favorite sports team with colors and logos on your custom button designs. Or, pass these buttons out to the team you play on, or to the parents of the little league you coach.

11. SomeECards Buttons


Remember those hilarious, sarcastic SomeEcards you’d find online, especially on Pinterest? Have some of your favorites be buttons that you wear day in and day out!

12. MLM Buttons


Do you sell LipSense, Scentsy, Younique, or any of the other MLM products? If you are an Avon lady or an Usborne book representative, these are perfect for you to wear when you are out and about.

13. Cancer Support Buttons

pink care

Pink for breast cancer, blue for colon cancer, gray for brain cancer. Whatever cancer, whatever the color, create your button to support those you love who have suffered through cancer. Include your loved one’s name or relation to you.

14. Family Reunion Buttons

family reunion

Hosting a family reunion, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on embarrassing shirts? Select a custom design button for your family reunion and be sure to include the “who”, “where”, and “when”.

15. Math Equations Buttons

math equations

Need a gift for your favorite math teacher? Part of the board for the math department at a community college? Design some buttons with the most known equations to pass out to those who love math.

16. Princess Buttons

princess girl

As a cute and fun party favor for your little princess, design some princess buttons. Let the little girls chose which princess button they want to wear.

17. Popular Band or Musician Buttons

hard rock band

Are you obsessed with One Direction? Miss the days of the Beatles? Show your music love with the faces or logos of your favorite bands or musicians on your custom design buttons.

18. Favorite Books Buttons


A perfect gift for the bibliophiles in your life is to get them a button with the title of their favorite book on the button. Or, a favorite quote or character from their favorite book.

19. Potter Mania Buttons

harry potter boy

Potter Mania is still going strong, especially with the new play that just came out. Support your wizarding house with a button. Or, show off your favorite spell.

20. Famous Paintings Buttons


Do you have a favorite painting by a famous artist? Where a piece of his or her art on a custom design button and take it with you everywhere.

21. Christian Buttons

cross on bible

Put your favorite scripture on a button, or your favorite Jesus quotes or motto. They are just as effective as bumper stickers or tattoos.

22. Marvel Movie Heroes Buttons

Marvel Superheroes

With all the new Marvel movies coming out, everyone has a favorite superhero. Have a picture of your favorite hero on the button. Or show your team: “Team Iron Man” vs “Team Captain America”.

23. Maps Buttons


Did you visit a new place? Miss your hometown? There are many custom button designs out there with maps of wherever you request.

24. Star Wars Buttons

Darth Vader

Have your favorite Star Wars quote become a button. Or, have the face of your favorite Star Wars character show off on your button.

25. Friends Buttons

Friends TV Show

Friends will never get old; everyone will still hope that Rachel and Ross get together and stay together. Have the faces or the logo of the Friends sitcom shine on your buttons.

26. Best Friend Buttons


Best Friend necklaces are so cliché and so 90’s. The best button designs are ones that come from your heart. Find a way to show your BFF how much they mean to you with a best friend button.

27. Button Buttons

sewing buttons

A play on words have your button pin designed to look like a sewable pin. It will have two or four holes in it, and can be any color you wish!

28. Emoji Buttons

emoji blue

Express yourself with emojis, not just through your texts or tweets, but also in what you wear. When you are happy, wear the smiley face emoji. When you are embarrassed, where the blushing face emoji.

29. Anime Buttons


Have your custom button designs show your favorite anime with the characters or logo of your favorite show. Or, fan draw your favorite anime character for your custom button.

30. Occult Buttons

Danger Cult

If you are in the occult or a Wiccan, have a pentagram to show your support. Design your own symbols for paganism or cult to share.

31. Game of Thrones Buttons

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is still going strong in the fandom world. Have cartoon versions of your favorite GoT characters or your favorite quote on your custom design buttons.

32. Dinosaur Buttons


Do you have a friend or a little one who is obsessed with dinosaurs? These custom buttons have one dinosaur on them. Collect them all!

33. State Buttons

United States

Represent your state with a button that shows your state’s shape and name. Choose your own colors, or match the colors of the state’s flag.

34. State Mottos Buttons

Virginia is for lovers

Another way to share your state pride is by wearing a button with your state motto on it. For example, if you are Virginian, “Virginia is for lovers.”

35. Religious Symbols Buttons


No matter what your religion, you can select a design for a custom button that represents your religion: a cross if you are Catholic, an 8-way wheel for Buddhists, fish for Episcopalians, etc.

36. Latter-Day Saint Buttons

Book of mormon

If you are Mormon, there are many different things you can do with your custom buttons. You can have quotes from General Conference, favorite scriptures from the Book of Mormon, or values for the Youth Program.

37. It’s a…Gender Reveal Buttons

its a girl

Can’t think of a creative, but simple way to reveal the gender of your little baby you are expecting? Design a button to announce it for you. You can also wear it for the rest of your pregnancy to avoid everyone asking you that question!

38. Personal Motto Buttons

Dont let

Is there a phrase that you are known for constantly saying? Then, be proud of wit and wear it for all to see and have a good laugh.

39. Color Buttons

red background

Some of the best button designs are the simplest. Wear a very plain button with your favorite color on it.

40. A Very Important Date Buttons

important date

Remind yourselves, and the world, of the very important date by having it show on a button. Whether it is the date of your wedding, the due date of a child, or the day you expect to go on a big vacation, chose your favorite fonts and colors to design it and make it personal and exciting.

41. Presidential Campaign Buttons

Im With Her

Who are you voting for? Let people know with a button that clearly supports your specific candidate. Or, work in reverse and have a button that clearly shows your disdain for the opposing candidate.

42. Odd Shape Buttons

square button pins

Typically, buttons are circles. However, grab the attention of everyone by designing a square button. Or, be more creative and create a button in an atypical shape such as a hexagon or triangle!

43. Doctor Who Buttons


Have a button that has a TARDIS or a Dalek on it. Or, just the number of your favorite doctor could be the design on your custom button. You could even have your favorite Doctor Who quote be on your button.

44. Custom Photography Buttons


Are you a blooming photographer? Print your own favorite photograph onto a custom designed button for you to proudly wear. When people ask where that photograph came from, tell them you took it yourself.

45. Nick Jr. Buttons

nick jr

PAW Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Bubble Guppies, and much more are all the rage for little kids this day. If you are having a themed birthday party, these are a great party favor.

46. Yes or No Buttons

yes or no

Choose your favorite colors and fonts and have a button that says “yes” or “not”. It will definitely be a conversation starter when people ask what you are saying “yes” or “no” to.

47. Lego Buttons

LEGO construction

LEGOs still haven’t gone out of style. Choose your favorite color and share that four pegged toy with the world by wearing it.

48. Fabric Buttons

colorful fabric

Create a custom button design by having the button imitate your favorite fabric pattern. This is the perfect simple gift for those who love sewing or quilting.

49. Chambray Buttons


Some fads never grow old for girls. Chambray is still a popular pattern, so chose your favorite colors for this easy to design button.

50. Inspirational Quote Buttons

inspirational quote

Allow your favorite inspirational quote to work its magic on you every day. Others will read the quote as you wear the button and be inspired as well.

51. Button Seating Cards

button seating cards

This is a very creative way to show your wedding guests where they will sit. The button has their name on it and is attached to a place setting card. This way, they can also wear the button and get to know the other wedding guests.

52. National Icon Buttons

Eiffel Tower

Selecting a design for custom buttons can be as easy and simple as choosing a national icon. A simple black silhouette of the Eiffel Tower to represent that trip to Paris you took is the perfect idea for simplicity and symbolism.

53. Animal Buttons


What is your favorite animal? Are you a dog person or a cat person? Do you love an endangered species? Show your love of animals with having them on your custom button.

54. Tribal Tattoo Buttons

tribal tattoo

If you love tribal tattoos, but don’t want actual ink injected in your skin, customize your buttons with tribal designs instead. Wear more than one at any given time!

55. Flower Buttons

pink flowers

Speak the language of flowers by wearing a button with a flower on it. Different flowers represent different sentiments and feelings. Use them to express yourself florally.

56. Cutout Buttons

cutout button pins

Instead of having a picture on a circular button, or a different shaped button, have the shape be the actual picture. If you have a cartoon cat, it will be the shape of the cartoon cat.

57. Punny Buttons

crack you up pun

Be punny! Be some of the people with the best button designs by being incredibly cheesy. If there is a picture included on that button, it’s even better!

58. Personal Drawing Buttons

sketch drawing

Allow the inner artist in you shine. Have one of your drawings, or a special drawing of one of your kids, be the subject design of your button. It will be a great keepsake.

59. High School Campaign Buttons

high school kid

If you or your child is running for Student Government, design custom buttons with their face or their name or their campaign slogan. Have them pass these buttons out to friends and staff to wear during the campaign.

60. Birthday Girl or Boy Buttons

birthday boy

When you celebrate a birthday, share it with the world. Denote who the birthday girl or boy is at a party by creating a button with their favorite colors and/or fonts. You could even show how old they are turning on it.

61. Comicon Buttons


Sponsors, franchises, artists, panelists, and fangirls (and boys) can all use ComiCon as a great excuse to create custom button designs. These can represent them, their overall nerdy-ness and geekiness, or their favorite character or comic book.

62. College Logo Buttons

college logos

Whether you just got accepted into a college, are graduating soon, or just want to swag, create a button with your college’s name and logo and colors. This is perfect for sporting events.

63. Nerd Girl Buttons

nerd girl

We’ve all seen the Nerd Girl problems and quotes on Pinterest. Choose your favorite ones and create a button with that phrase or image.

64. Medical Emergency Buttons

medical emergency

Your medical issues can be perfect for selecting a design for a custom button. If you have an allergy, let it be known on your button. If there is an emergency medication you may require, show it on your button. This is a great alternative to the medical ID bracelets.

65. Teacher Buttons


Have teacher pride? Share it on a button. Have an image or a phrase representing the grade or subject you teach. Or, boost your own ego and pride with a button that says, “Best Teacher” or “Teacher of the Year.”

66. Monster Buttons

green monster

Go crazy with bright colors and multiple eyes or limbs. Design your own monster for a custom button. It will be not only creative but loads of fun.

67. Looney Tunes Buttons

thats all folks

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky the Pig, Yosemite Sam. They all still yearn to be loved and have fans. Wear a pin with your favorite Looney Tune character or quote.

68. Cause Buttons

autism awareness

Some of the best button designs are for causes. Do you know someone who has autism and you are trying to bring awareness to it? Do you feel strongly about recycling? Whatever the cause, share it with the world in a custom designed button.

69. Cartoonized Version of Yourself Buttons

cartoon people

Have you ever wanted to be a cartoon? Either draw yourself or use a cartoon program to create a cartoon version of yourself to wear on a button.

70. Music Buttons


If you play an instrument, have that instrument be the center of a button. Or, you could have a musical note or symbol on your button. Some might even choose to share their favorite composer’s face.

71. Political Campaign Buttons

vote button wood

Local, national, no matter what level, support your political stance with these custom buttons. They don’t even have to take sides. It can easily and simply say, “I voted.”

72. Sports Ball Buttons


Be simple and have a black and white button that looks like a soccer ball. Or, have black and orange to denote basketball. This is perfect for sports season or to give someone you know that is an athlete.

73. Foreign Words Buttons


Are you bilingual? Have the same word or phrase on the button twice: once in English and once in the foreign language. Or, just have a word in a foreign language and see how many people acknowledge it.

74. Chinese Character Buttons

Chinese characters

Choose your favorite Chinese character and have it become a button. Don’t be boring and just do black on white. Use a variety of colors for your Chinese character.

75. Alice in Wonderland Buttons

Alice In Wonderland

Whether it is the original Disney animated version or the new Tim Burton directed film, let out your craziness with an Alice in Wonderland inspired button. Have characters, playing cards, or quotes from the movie.

76. Halloween Buttons


Celebrate Halloween with custom button designs. Use a lot of orange and black. Have bats or ghosts or the word, “Boo!” on your button.

77. Christmas Buttons

Snowman lights

Use either iconography or phrases to share the holiday spirit. Make these custom buttons either secular or religious when it comes to Christmas.

78. Meme Buttons

meme board

Print your favorite meme onto a button. It can be a previously made meme, or use a meme template to create your own!

79. Glow in the Dark Buttons

Glow Button

Who says buttons should only be seen during daylight? Use special glow-in-the-dark colors and paints to create your very own buttons that can be seen at night.

80. Video Game Buttons

Mario Graffiti

Create your own custom button design to go along with your favorite video game. Have it be the logo of the video game or a favorite character. You could even use a key item, such as Legend of Zelda’s Master Sword, as the center of your button.

81. Company Buttons


If you are the head of a company, create unity and advocacy for your business by having coworkers wear buttons that represent your brand or your yearly mission.

82. Baby Announcement Buttons

were pregnant

Are you expecting a child and haven’t sent out announcements yet? Design an individual button for each member of your family. For example, “I’m going to be an aunt,” “I’m going to be a grandpa.” It will be a great gift to surprise them with and they will definitely wear the button with pride and excitement.

83. Wine and Alcohol Buttons

wine alcohol

Fancy that. You could design a button that has your favorite brand of beer on it. Or, have a catchphrase that has to do with wining and dining.

84. Peace Sign Buttons

peace sign

The peace sign and tie-dye never grow old. Chose the variety of colors you want the peace sign to have, as well as the colors for the background.

85. How I Met Your Mother Buttons

how i met your mother

Just as with Friends, have the logo, a character, or a favorite phrase or quote be the subject of your custom button designs. You could even use the cover of the Bro Code for your button.

86. Astrology Buttons


Are you an Aquarius or a Gemini? Represent your astrological sign on your button. Use the Greek character or symbol for your button and chose correlating colors.

87. Game Show Buttons

game show

Have you ever been on a game show or wish you could? Share your love of the game show by creating a button for it. It could be the scoreboard, the name of the game show, or even a famous catchphrase.

88. The Bachelor/Bachelorette Buttons


This could be the perfect set of buttons to design and create for a Bachelorette party. Buttons can have the iconic rose on it, the word itself, or the names or pictures of the contestants.

89. Hunger Games Buttons

Hunger Games

The easiest design for the Hunger Games is to have a Mockingjay. Be creative. Use motifs from the movie: bows and arrows, districts, fire, etc.

90. Human Anatomy Buttons

human anatomy

If you are a scientist or a science teacher, this is a great gift to get. Or, you could even create a set of 206 buttons with each one showcasing a different bone of the human body to study for that anatomy final!

91. Vintage Antique Pins Buttons

antique pin

We all know of the classic old vintage brooches. Well, design a custom button to look like one, that doesn’t weigh or cost as much as the antiques.

92. Celtic Knot Buttons

celtic knot

Different Celtic knots represent different things. Choose your favorite knot design to wear and share. Make sure you include some sort of green as a throwback to Ireland.

93. Black Lives Matter Buttons


Black Lives Matter. All lives matter. Take matters into your own hands by creating a black and white buttons with this phrase on it to support the movement.

94. Sexy Buttons


Have fun and be playful with your partner. Select a design for custom buttons that has to do with sexiness or intimate relationships.

95. Owl Buttons


Everyone loves owls: Owl jewelry, owl stationary, owl statues. Owls are all over the place. Design some buttons with either real pictures of owls, or cartoon versions.

96. Disney Jr. Buttons


Having a Princess Sophia party or your daughter or a Lion Guard party for your son? Create some buttons for your kids’ favorite Disney Jr. shows. Include characters and logos. Use bright colors that the franchise uses.

97. Comic Book Buttons

comic book

Wow! Zap! Boom! Wham! Use these phrases in a comic book related font and bright, pixelated colors for your custom design buttons.

98. Military Veteran Buttons


If you have served in the military, or know someone who has, give their branch support by representing them on your custom designed buttons. Use the military branch’s logo or motto.

99. Arrows Buttons


Arrows are becoming a huge icon fad. Design your own arrow—draw it. Have it printed on the button. Have a set of all matching arrows, or buy a set with all different arrows.