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31 Funny Button Ideas

Custom buttons are perfect for bringing awareness to causes, handing out as takeaways from business conferences, or for simply just being funny. If you’re in the market for buttons that make people laugh, consider one of these funny button ideas. Use them as party favors, clothing decorations, or for any occasion that needs a few laughs.

Once you find a funny saying you like, you can make custom buttons as pins, fridge magnets, keychains, and more. Create and upload your design, choose how many you want (don’t forget to make some for friends and family!), and have them shipped right to you.


98% Chimpanzee

This button will remind people where you came from…if they believe in evolution, of course. If not, it’s a good debate starter.



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Looking to Spread Awareness For a Cause? Try These Custom Button Ideas

Looking to support a cause?

Buttons are an easy way to silently show your allegience, raise awareness and attract others to your cause.

A well-designed button can literally change a persons mind about donating or volunteering. The initial “I don’t have time,” line of thought can switch to “Maybe I should,” thanks to the message on a button. The simple fact is that awareness of a problem is the first step in finding a solution, and buttons play a large role is spreading awareness.

We put together a roundup of some of our favorite buttons that help important causes raise awareness.

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99 of the Best Custom Button Ideas and Templates

Buttons are an easy way to show your creativity and support. Be simple or extravagant, serious or sarcastic. If you have a message, the perfect button can capture it with style.

There is a lot of opportunities to design your own buttons and let your creativity soar. Selecting a design for a custom button is easier than ever with this extensive roundup.

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