How To Design Midterm Election Campaign Buttons

How To Design Midterm Election Campaign Buttons

How To Design Midterm Election Campaign Buttons

UberButtons® Campaigning March 20, 2018 Comments

It’s 2018, and the midterm elections are in full-swing. If you’re running for re-election or especially, running for the first time, you’ll want to make sure that your name, brand, and platform is at the forefront of your community’s mind.

If you’re struggling with designing your campaign’s buttons, this post will help you. We break it down to the three most important elements of any campaign button for maximum impact.

Bold & Simple Design

limber moore mid term election buttons. blue background with white names and red underline.

When designing custom buttons for midterm elections, the main idea is, “Less is more.” The most effective designs are simple and uncluttered.

What is the most important thing you want to communicate? Your name! Who is going to be on the ballot? Make sure that your community knows whose name they should keep in mind.

Secondly, your button should include no more than 4 or 5 colors, and those colors should represent something.

For instance, many campaign buttons feature the iconic patriotic colors red, white, and blue. These colors can be incorporated into the text of your design or serve as the background for your logo.

Don’t complicate this step. You want your button to be easily readable and to convey as much meaning with as little as possible.

Symbolize Your Platform

shelly benford board of education. white with blue background and red apples

Campaign speeches are great for discussing your platform in detail, but when it comes to buttons, you want to distill those ideas down to one easy to understand and recognize word or symbol.

If your main platform includes cleaning up local parks, you can convey that by including the symbol of a tree or a trash bin. This helps voters identify with your candidate during the midterm elections.

If you are interested in lowering property taxes you can include a symbol on your custom buttons of a home and a money sign.

Make sure that your symbols are easy to read and easy to see in your button design.

Catchy Slogan

baney mayor mid term election buttons

Have you ever been driving down the road listening to the radio when that super catchy commercial comes on and you can’t help but sing along to the jingle?
If a catchy slogan can do that for a business, it can do the same for a political candidate!

Come up with a slogan that gets stuck in your head. Make it rhyme or make it topical. If the slogan riffs on a popular song or band, that’s even better!

Say your candidate’s name is John Smith, you can play on his name – “John Smith, hammering crime, forging a better city.” Include a symbol of a blacksmith’s anvil and forge!

If your candidate has a name that is easy to rhyme with, capitalize on that! “James Perth knows Springfield’s worth!”

In conclusion, the three main ideas to keep in mind when designing your campaign button are – Keep your design bold and simple, symbolize your platform and use a catchy slogan!