Doing Custom Button Magnets the Right Way

Doing Custom Button Magnets the Right Way

Doing Custom Button Magnets the Right Way

UberButtons® Uncategorized March 6, 2019 Comments

Custom Button magnets are valuable marketing materials.

Think about it!

How many times a day do you walk past your refrigerator? How many times a day do you glance at the magnets or photographs you have on it?

Imagine being able to use that highly visible space to promote your event, organization or band.

Well, you don’t have to imagine too hard because UberButtons will turn that dream into a very low-cost reality.

How Does UberButtons Do Custom Button Magnets the Right Way?

Okay – we offer 3 different magnet options:

Look, there is a right and wrong way to make any product.

While cutting corners and using shabby materials may cost less in the short term, a quality button magnet is worth using the best of the best. This is how we do that.

First, we make our Custom Button Magnets using a custom pinback button, hold the pin, add the magnet. Their convex nature makes them eye-catching in diamond, square, rectangle and circle shapes.

Second, we know what a bummer it is to get a magnet, only for it to be so weak it won’t even hold a grocery list. Not at UberButtons – our custom button magnets are made of the highest quality rubber and powdered iron.

We also make our printed magnets with a strong rubber backing printed in whatever shape or size you can imagine. We then attach your photo to one side of the magnet and ship you a lifelong keepsake or mini-billboard.

While our button magnets may be strong, nothing beats the power of our clothing magnets!

Why? Becayse they are made of rare neodymium which is the strongest magnetic material on earth! The magnets come in a hypoallergenic encasement which means no nickel and no chrome plating which can cause rashes – perfect for contact with sensitive skin!

Ultimately, Custom Button Magnets are great for any brand or organization. They make unique merchandise and could be just what your young clothing brand or business needs to make an impact.

So, do you have a unique design to immortalize? Let UberButtons make your superior product today!