3 Promotional Items People Actually Want

3 Promotional Items People Actually Want

3 Promotional Items People Actually Want

UberButtons® Uncategorized February 22, 2018 Comments

If you’re attempting to market your business, the worst thing you can be is forgettable. You spend tons of money attempting to accrue leads and keep your business fresh in people’s minds. So, why spend money on promotional items that no one needs or wants?

Have you ever come away from a business expo with a swag bag full of useless junk? Who needs that cheaply made stress ball or plastic keychain, when you could be giving away items that people will actually use in their daily lives.

Below are some ideas for company swag that people will seriously appreciate and use!

Bottle Openers

It seems that whenever we need bottle openers, they’re never where we need them to be. There’s nothing more inconvenient than going to open a refreshing drink and realizing that it isn’t a twist off.

If your company thinks smart, you can be the one to fill that need and in doing so, become a name they remember.

Try putting bottle openers or, even better, bottle opener keychains with a business logo and information in your swag bag. When your potential customer uses this handy item, they will:

A) Read your company’s name, and phone number and

B) Be reminded of the time they received the bottle opener

Promotional items are great mementos for (potential) customers. If they met you at a conference where they had a blast with tons of like-minded people, this item is more valuable than you may think. Studies show that customers who have positive memories associated with interacting with your business are more likely to come back.

Fridge Magnets

4 fridge magnets featuring sloths and skull ice cream cones on a fridge

The refrigerator is the billboard of any home. It’s high traffic, essential, and most people place things they never want to forget there – family photos, children’s drawings, important notes, and lots of magnets!

Take advantage of this important place in your customer’s home – design an unforgettable fridge magnet.

Museum quality magnets are unsung heroes. Flimsy magnets might hold one, maybe two pieces of paper. But a strong, well-crafted magnet can hold whole calendars, cards, photos all while adding a gorgeous decoration to any home.

Magnets are excellent promotional items because of their universal usefulness. So, associate your business with the helpful nature of a fridge magnet.


There is nothing more annoying than not being able to find your keys. If you have a purse, digging through it to find your keys can become extremely frustrating.

Be the solution!

Create both PVC and button keychains. These low-cost promotional items are not only great to look at but also provide a lightweight resolution to the “bottomless purse” problem.

Button keychains are great ways to promote your business for a very little upfront cost.

Design the perfect logo and slap it on a button. People love keychains that remind them of positive memories, so make that connection.

Don’t give out the trash that so many other companies are giving away, make a great impression on your leads and potential customers by filling a need in their lives with useful swag.