Why Your Wedding Needs Save the Date Magnets

Why Your Wedding Needs Save the Date Magnets

Why Your Wedding Needs Save the Date Magnets

UberButtons® Marketing February 26, 2018 Comments

It’s wedding season – we can hear the bells! It’s time to get into the toughest part of your big day, planning!

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to make the guest list. What is a party if not for the people who will be there?

Once you’ve gotten your list down, and picked a venue, it’s time to Save the Date!

Now, how are you going to let everyone know to mark that special date on their calendars?

You have options!

You could go with the traditional paper save the date cards. But this could cause confusion because some people don’t know what Save The Dates actually are.

Save the Dates are a relatively modern tradition, and if you aren’t careful, people may mistake them for a formal invitation.

To avoid this confusion, consider ordering custom made Save the Date magnets!

The Benefits:

save the date magnet on pink background. magnet has anchor

Paper products are slowly being phased out. Not only are they bad for the environment, but ultimately, people don’t know what to do with them.

They aren’t invitations – they exist in this strange limbo, and really just serve as a reminder and a way for the bride and groom to buy some time.

How many times have you gone to the mailbox, only to throw more than half of your mail in the trash?

The truth is people throw away paper products. Don’t let your hard earned money end up in a landfill.

Magnets are Cheaper than Paper Invites

Weddings are getting more and more expensive. So why would you want to spend a huge portion of your budget on Save the Dates?

If you visit some of the more popular wedding sites, you’ll find that paper Save the Dates can cost over $230 and that’s only for 100 very basic designs.

While some sites offer Save the Date magnets, they are even more expensive than paper with some sites charging $250 for just 100!

Why spend all that money for a product that looks just like everyone else’s? Design your own magnet with complete freedom for a fraction of the cost.

Completely Customizable

save the date button woodslice design with pink tulips on white wood background

Unlike other sites, our buttons are completely blank canvases. You can do whatever you’d like with them. Add a photo, use a specific font, choose a different background – the possibilities are endless!

If you’re less design-inclined, our professional designers can work with you to create the Save the Date of your dreams.

Don’t conform to the trends of the hour, think outside of the box to produce something truly memorable including custom buttons. I mean, isn’t that what Save the Dates are all about?

Magnets Are Useful

save the date magnet with gold background

Magnets are popular for good reason. They are used in the highest traffic area of the house – the kitchen!

Every time your guest opens the fridge or passes through the kitchen, they will be reminded of your big day with your stylish and eye-catching button.

Not only that, they are useful! Cards are so limiting, whereas magnets serve an actual purpose. Your Save the Date magnet can hold up important papers, photos, and even your future Wedding Invitation!

So, why pay an arm and a leg for a product that will ultimately go in the garbage. Remind guests of the awesome time they are about to have with a unique magnet that will last for years!