6 Marvelous Mardi Gras Marketing Tips

6 Marvelous Mardi Gras Marketing Tips

6 Marvelous Mardi Gras Marketing Tips

UberButtons® Marketing February 13, 2018 Comments

Mardi Gras falls right between two big spring holidays – New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. Which makes it a perfect time to change things up a bit! Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday,” and traditionally was a day of pigging out and partying before Easter fasting began.

The festival has such a rich tradition behind it, so why not make the most of the vibrant carnival?

Budget Giveaways!

coins and beads mardi gras

Mardi Gras is famous for its parades where performers throw strings of beads and gold coins at the festival-goers. So why not bring that into your business? If you’re a brick and mortar business, offer guests a gold chocolate coin with every purchase. Order Mardi Gras themed custom buttons for your business and give them away with every purchase over a certain dollar amount.

If you’re a cyber business, create golden tickets and infographics with coupons or use Mardi Gras themed coupon codes like FatTuesdayFeb or MardiG.

Don’t be afraid of Color!

mardi gras mask in purple, gold and green

The holiday is a vibrant festival all about excess and bright color. Decorate your business with Gold, Purple, and Green tinsel or put masks on mannequins. If you’re a cyber business why not give your landing page a Mardi Gras makeover? If you’re a little nervous about all those gaudy colors, try to group your display in one area of your store or landing page. This will prevent those colors from getting too overwhelming.

Donate Funds to Mardi Gras Charity

two people passing a heart back and forth between each other

The biggest carnival is held in New Orleans. And New Orleans is prone to hurricanes and flooding – why not donate 5% of profits on February 13, to a local New Orleans charity? There are charities that assist with low-income neighborhoods, even the animal population. Over 10 years after the fact the city is still picking up the pieces from Hurricane Katrina and philanthropy is proven to be great for business.

Delicious Delights!

mardi gras bowl of gumbo

Another great way to entice customers into your business is by offering or selling Mardi Gras treats. Half of the fun of the festival is the food! Set out King Cakes for the occasion or cookies dyed green, purple and gold. You could also serve traditional Cajun fare – shrimp gumbo, po’boy sandwiches, mint julep mocktails and delicious beignets.

Mardi Gras Hashtags

Mardi gras carnival background - beads and mask on yellow background

Get customers to connect and engage with your business in the most valuable interactions using social media. Create business associated Mardi Gras hashtags and offer a promotion every time a customer checks in at your business on Facebook or snaps a pic and uses your hashtag on Instagram.

Some examples include: #MarthasMardiGrasBakery or #MintJulepMocktailatMarthas