Zipper Pulls and How They Can Benefit You

Zipper Pulls and How They Can Benefit You

Zipper Pulls and How They Can Benefit You

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What is a Zipper Pull?

A zipper pull is exactly what it sounds like. It is comprised of a metal or fabric loop attached through the hole of a zipper slider in any garment, adding a little more leverage to grasp the pull, and a small (or large!) button customizable to fit any need.

Add this simple feature to virtually any garment – provided, it has a zipper!

The button used as the pull can be customized in any way that you need.

Want to use them as name tags? Or would you rather use them as mementos? Either way, Zipper Pulls are custom fit for whatever your business need might be.

Not only are zipper pulls a great way to promote your organization, they can also make unzipping a particularly small item much less of a hassle.

Zipper Pulls = Tons of Ad Space

picture of zippers lined up side by side, all different colors

Zippers are everywhere, so much so that we totally take them for granted.

For example, without the zipper on your backpack, there would be no security for your things.

It would also be unfortunate if you didn’t have a zipper on your jeans…

Zippers are everywhere, so why not take advantage of them as space to promote an event or recognize your business?

Put your event on a bright zipper pull for use on a jacket or a shirt and you can guarantee that every time that person uses their zipper, your event will be on the forefront of their minds.

Help Recognize Your Best Employees

photo of a woman's chest with a jacket zipped up and a zipper pull


Zipper Pulls are excellent ways to recognize stellar performance at work.

In addition to whatever monetary incentives your company or organization provides, why not offer the employee a badge of honor using a zipper pull?

The pull could designate that person as “salesman of the year” or recognize their improvement in whatever area you see fit. You could even use them to remind other employees of an important upcoming event or as a keepsake from a fun conference.

Zipper Pulls are great mementos from team building exercises and conferences.

If your company puts on a Holiday Party at the end of the year, create a Zipper Pull using a favorite photo to always remember that day.

Great Incentive Gifts For Students

animated gif of a zipper closing

Just as adults use Zipper Pulls, they make an even better treat for young students!

Incentivize good behavior by rewarding students with “Good Noodle” zipper pulls for their jackets or shirts!

Encourage participation in an event by offering zipper pulls as awards.

You could also use them as highly sought after collectibles for your school or organization.

For example, gifting all the students who make Honor Roll, both “Free Ice Cream” passes at a local vendor and a collectible zipper pull commemorating their achievement will incentivize them for the next semester. Encourage your students to maintain Honor Roll to get their next Zipper Pull for their backpacks!

Rinse, repeat.

This is an excellent way to promote both participation and good behavior.

So, if you’re in need of an innovative way to promote your company or to commemorate a particular event, why not give Zipper Pulls a try?