99 Creative Political Slogans & Buttons to Help Get Elected

99 Creative Political Slogans & Buttons to Help Get Elected

99 Creative Political Slogans & Buttons to Help Get Elected

UberButtons® Campaigning August 9, 2016 Comments

A great political slogan is hard to come by, but history shows there are a lot worth remembering. In a time when attention spans seem to be continually diminishing, campaign slogans must be memorable.

Throughout history, a variety of slogans, stated in various moments and speeches, have managed to survive the test of time. There is never a shortage of humor, inspiration, and excitement in any election campaign, as is showcased in these 99 political slogans.


1. Are You More Satisfied Than You Were Four Years Ago?

Ronald Reagan uttered this political slogan in 1980, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Instead we would ask if we are more or less content in the digital age of the 21st century.


2. Ross for Boss

A lot of folks over 35 might recall the original third party firebrand, Ross Perot, and his election campaign slogan, “Ross for Boss,” that was used for the 1992 presidential campaign. Everyone wants to be the boss.



3. It’s Time to Change America Again

Before Bill Clinton became president, he used two political slogans. One of them was, “It’s Time to Change America.” In 2016, we need to shift gears again from the doom and gloom and make America optimistic again.

Time to Change America Button


4. It’s the Economy, Stupid!

The second popular slogan from Clinton’s campaign was memorable. Many realize that unless a new policy or government change affects our pocketbook or wallet, then we won’t care. This political slogan shows our love of a healthy economy.



5. Four More Years of Full Bellies

This is an updated version of an older political slogan. The original 1900 presidential campaign slogan of William McKinley might seem a bit odd to contemporary voters: “Four More Years of the Full Dinner Pail” This needs to be updated for a more direct effect in 2016.



6. Yes, Of Course We Can, Right?

Younger voters remember Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, “Yes We Can”. There is a sense of uncertainty in 2016 compared to the past, and now millennial flakiness and uncertainty seems to be the norm.



7. It’s Morning Again in America

This memorable quote was used in 1984 as part of Reagan’s commercial called, “Prouder, Stronger, Better”. The election campaign slogan is simple, clever, and patriotic. There was a sense of America’s renewed prosperity under Reagan’s first four years in office.



8. Feel the Burn!

Recent Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders made this one of hottest slogans in recent memory. This political slogan is, “I Like Ike” as contender for best slogan ever. Why? Similar brevity and “Feel the Burn” rolls right off the tongue as well.


9.Happy Days are Here Again

The political slogan is, “Happy Days are Here Again,” said by Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 was the first slogan to come from a pre-existing song. This political slogan became the Democratic Party’s unofficial theme song for years to come.



10. Where’s the Beef?

Made popular from a commercial, but this slogan could pertain to any campaign. The phrase originates from the fast food chain Wendy’s 1984, the “Where’s the Beef?” advertising campaign. Walter Mondale used this in the 1980s.



11. Donuts, Chocolate, Pizza…Now that I have your attention, vote (your name) for (president/etc.)

This clever election campaign slogan should make everyone laugh. You may have to offer a gluten free option to satisfy every particular need, but food always gets the attention of most people in any occasion. This is a political slogan that should make everyone smile at least.

Donuts Chocolate Pizza Now That I Have Your-attention-vote-your-name-for-presidentetc


12. Making the World a Better Place Since Last Week

Things move quickly, and we forget things in a flash, so the original slogan has short-term memory issue. A political slogan for any election campaign should be to the point and not hard to understand. When it comes to clever slogans, safety first.



13. Choose Don’t Lose!

Election campaign slogans should make you feel free to act and do the right thing. Another political slogan used in previous city council campaigns, “Don’t Be a Loser, Be a Chooser” is similar. Don’t be apathetic; get off your feet and make a decision.



14. More Hope

We don’t need just “Hope” like Barack said in his original campaign bid, we need more hope for a better world, prosperity, and joy.



15. Bread and Roses

A political slogan popularly used by labor activists has taken new meaning today. The bread represents basic amenities including food, housing, etc., while roses represents luxury and opportunity to uniquely upgrade their human capabilities.

Bread and Roses


16. Popularity or Brains or Money? It’s a no-brainer—Vote for me!

In a time where we all think there is too much money in politics, this political slogan needs a little updating. No shame in flaunting wealth, but a clever election campaign slogans should be a little subtler.



17. YOUR Voice. YOUR Choice. Vote for me today.

Get on the vote and make a difference by voting me in today. This immediate slogan could be used for any election campaign slogan and speaks to the immediacy of the virtual age. Click and vote! This is fast and fun.



18. Don’t Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream

Used during President Abraham Lincoln’s re-election campaign, this political slogan tried to demonstrate the potential risks and disadvantages of changing presidents mid-war. A clever slogan that could be used fro any city council or election campaign.

Dont Swap Horses In The Middle Of The Stream


19. Make America Great Again

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, his political slogan is memorable yet controversial. However, “Make America Great Again” has been buzzing and trending all over media for good reason. Indeed, a clever campaign slogan that will be remembered for many years.



20. Workers of the World, Unite!

This political slogan could be updated. “Internet posters of the world unite and direct your rage clicks to me and vote.” Karl Marx’s original quote has become a political slogan for another reason, and it still remains powerful.



21. We are Turning the Corner, Ok?

This is a1932 election campaign slogan that was made popular during the Great Depression by president Herbert Hoover. It shows we have always been waiting for the next big thing. A clever political slogan should make people excited.


22. Vote for Me, I’m a Smart Cookie

An election campaign slogan should make you hungry. Food makes your mouth water—especially sweets like cookies. However, you may want to add a bit of health food consciousness into the mix nowadays for a cleverer political slogan.



23. Stay the Course

This is a political slogan embodying how things should keep steady and consistent with government policies. George Bush Jr. originally popularized it as the strategy for the Iraq War foreign policy.



24. Got .gov?

The election campaign slogan, “Got .gov?” is a play on the “Got Milk” campaign. Dairy owner Jim Oberweis originally used it in 2006 during his campaign for Governor of Illinois.



25. Victoria’s Real Secret: She votes for ____ (insert a name)

Nothing shocks us, so this student campaign humor could be used for a small city council slogan as well. If a political slogan is funny and different, then people will respond. Who doesn’t want to feel sexy when they think about voting?



26. Had Enough?

Of course! The culprit is always the latest politician who is seen as being sneaky or spineless like the rest. The original slogan dates from 1946, and was used to ask voters if they had “had enough” of the Democrats.



27. Never Had It So Good

We all should be happy with what we have and enjoy the good times. This political slogan was originally used in the 1957 campaign under Harold Macmillan’s leadership of the Tories in the United Kingdom.



28. Not Just Peanuts

Jimmy Carter’s past as a peanut farmer seemed to define him early on during his bid for the White House in 1976. This election campaign slogan is more than apt. Also, in these allergic prone times, this political slogan may have a unique angle.



29. I Don’t Just Speak the Change I Make the Change

This student friendly slogan could easily just take from the idiom, “I talk the talk and walk the walk.” Do as you say, and don’t be flaky about it. This is useful for any city council or campaign election slogan.


30. He Kept Us Out Of War

Woodrow Wilson used this campaign election slogan and led the incumbent President to a narrow victory over Charles Evans Hughes in November 1916. This peaceful sentiment, “He Kept Us Out Of War,” may need to be reframed to current American foreign policy challenges. This slogan is more important than ever now.


31. Yes, America Can!

These days, this should be, “Hell Yeah, American Can Do It!” The need to be more emphatic and confident is more pressing now. Thank George Bush Jr. for this simple yet memorable election campaign slogan.


32. There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Despite many workplaces offering free lunch, we need to realize nothing in life comes for free except love. The first official use of this political slogan is from the Libertarian Party in 1966.


33. A Time for Greatness

Here is a positive and hopeful message and slogan for future strength. John F. Kennedy’s 1960 US presidential campaign slogan is a tragic reminder of the charisma and ambition of an inspiring president.


34. In Your Heart, You Know He’s Right

The social media climate has made everyone aware of the importance of being well-known and respected and right. If you have the best public reputation, then perhaps the old phrase, “In your heart, you know he’s right,” means being more trustworthy.


35. The Stakes are Too High for You to Stay Home

Lyndon B. Johnson came up with this slogan after the death of JFK. This slogan hits home with big issues on the plate now in 2016. Get out and vote during this important voting period.


36. Show Me the Money! (Name) for Treasurer

You’d think Donald Trump would have used this by now. But, as unforgettable as this slogan can be, it does get straight to the nitty gritty.


37. A Chicken in Every Pot

Food and sustenance are vital because we all need food to survive. This political slogan is powerful and shows that no one should be ignored, and no one should go hungry. This was originally used by Herbert Hoover in the 1928 US presidential campaign as an election campaign slogan.


38. Things Can Only Get Better

Originally used as an election campaign slogan by Tony Blair for Labour party in1997. This shows that things can get any worse, right? We all need to be more positive during any campaign and be hopeful.


39. Vote Yourself a Farm

Abraham Lincoln popularized this political slogan in 1860 when he ran for the White House with a bold promise to give settlers free land throughout the West. “Vote Yourself a House” would be more suitable in 2016.


40. Oh, Like You Could Do A Better Job?

Try as you will to complain about politics, but are you willing or able to do a better job? Get off the couch and do something and run for office if you can do better. This is a very clever political slogan indeed.


41. A New American Century

This is no doubt, a bright political slogan for the future. This slogan makes everyone feel that they can take back America and make it new again. This political slogan is originally from Marco Rubio.


42. Never Fear (Name) is Here!

The sense of confidence and fear mongering is savvy in this political slogan. It’s also an old Underdog quote as well. The premise: Vote for me, and all your fears will go away. This is suitable for any election campaign slogan or city council election.


43. He’s Making us Proud Again

When you feel like political campaigns have become tasteless theater, then you have to wonder who to vote for in an election. An update on this would be, “She Will Make Us Proud Again”.


44. Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Bill Clinton’s original slogan, “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” spoke to a more forward thinking approach compared to getting caught up in the past. This works for any campaign election slogan.


45. A Return to Normalcy

Originally used by Warren Harding in 1920 after World War I, this election campaign slogan was intended to promise a return to traditional American ideals. It’s easy to understand and clever, which is what gives it its pop.


46. Better Now Than Never!

This slogan or phrase is clear as a direct appeal to the voter. It is better to do something now than not at all. Likewise, the political slogan emphasizes it is better to arrive somewhere late than take risks and have an accident.


47. The Experienced Candidate

Adlai Stevenson first coined this campaign slogan in 1952 when running against Eisenhower. It’s a clever political slogan that showcases knowledge and skills trump all.


48. The Girl with the SMILE Will Go the Extra MILE!

It’s sweet and cute with a little bit of sarcasm. This slogan could go hand in hand with Hillary Clinton’s slogan, “I’m with Her”. This phrase is effective for any city council campaign slogan or race.


49. Country First!

The same year that Obama ran in 2008, his Republican opponent, John McCain, used the slogan “Country First”. This political slogan was intended to strengthen any candidate or party by always putting our country first.


50. I Don’t Just Speak the Change, I Make the Change

President Obama makes the case for being progressive: radical change through practical measures. Change is such an overused word that we have to drive it home to people, thus this political slogan shows what real change is really about.


51.The Better Man for a Better America

Bob Dole used this in 1996 and failed. Dole lost to Clinton in 1996 because Americans don’t want the better man for President, they want the right man. Clearly, this can be possible but flawed because political slogans should include men and women.


52. Vote for Me, and You”ll go WEE!

This political slogan could be used for a student campaign or applicable to any election campaign slogan in general. This more tongue and cheek slogan may seem more common between friends and strangers alike. Welcome to the virtual political slogan world.


53. Bigger Cages! Longer Chains!

This is a descriptive and perhaps foreboding political slogan, but it could be close to the expression, “Crack the Whip!” This was a slogan originating from a famous Anarchist who intended to use it as a means of the mocking use of political demands.


54. Pour It On ‘Em, Harry!

It seems like it is a reference to a movie, but no this is an old slogan showing power and swagger. It was formerly used in the1948 U.S. presidential campaign slogan of Harry S. Truman. It is also related to another of his slogans, “Give Em Hell, Harry!”


55. Putting a Plan in Action to Assure Your Satisfaction

It’s definitely a charming election campaign slogan that rhymes and rolls off your tongue easily. A slogan you can rap and say with joy will always go far. Also, the message is hard not to understand.


56. Ready for Change, Ready to Lead

A motivating and inspiring message that is hard not to like or grasp. This has been used in a variety of ways. For example, Hillary Clinton campaign slogan, also “Big Challenges, Real Solutions: Time to Pick a President,” to call attention for strong leadership in times of change.


57. In Your Guts, You Know He’s Nuts.

This could apply to any candidate—especially anyone who may have been viewed as wacky or unpredictable. Whether you love it or hate it, this slogan is funny and sticks in your head. This was used in the1964 U.S. presidential campaign slogan of Lyndon B. Johnson supporters, answering Goldwater’s slogan.


58. Vote 4 (Name). I promise I’ll do my best. I’ll never stop to take a rest.

You can’t help but giggle and feel like you’re voting for the hard-worker. This has been used by campaigns in many forms around the USA.


59. Just Do it. Vote for Me.

Everyone may know this political slogan if you have seen a Nike ad or love their products. And, it is a simple slogan, too. Using already popular slogans and logos can be a clever idea. “Just Be and Do It!” This could be a winner in many states around the USA.


60 Keep Calm and Vote for Me for ________.

Popular trending buzz phrases can be political slogans. A slogan needs to remind people of things they see or hear in popular culture, so this is effective. Also, we need to relax and enjoy our political choices.


61.You Want Something Done, (Name) is the one!

You notice a political slogan that uses exclamation points, and even more, you notice a slogan that has an urgent tone. Perhaps better for a city council slogan idea, but you get the picture if you want to get things done then vote.


62. He Doesn’t Always Vote, but When He Does It’s for You!

The slogan “The Most Interesting Man in the World” was an advertising campaign for the Dos Equis brand of beer. In advertisements, the most “Interesting Man Alive” says he does something or gives some wisdom. This slogan will be be best used with an image to make it clear.


63. Putting People First

In an age of putting too much emphasis on money, this political slogan is very good for any candidate. As an election campaign slogan used by Bill Clinton, it was viewed as humanistic instead of driven by greed and power.


64. Live Long and Prosper and Vote for (name)

The Star Trek hand sign, “Live Long and Prosper and Vote for (name)” touches on our obsession with pop culture. Also, the hand sign looks like a V. This is a powerful political slogan for any election campaign or city council race.


65.Vote for me! Free Drinks on Me

It is happy hour, so many people will be happy to vote for you. This is a savvy political slogan to plaster around town for a small city election, but perhaps not on the national front. Another idea is to put a flyer saying, “Don’t Flush Your Vote Down the Toilet” in the bathroom.


66. Change Again, so we can Believe in It

Every 4 years, we need to change again and again for the sake of the political cycle. Originally, Barack Obama had promised the election campaign slogan, “Change We Can Believe In” in 2008.


67. Leadership for the New Millennium

This political slogan could always be used for looking forward to the future and striving for leadership and strength. Millennials might enjoy the passing reference, but this message is very universal. Al Gore used this as an election campaign slogan.


68. If I’m the Leader of this Pack, I’ll Keep Things Running Right on Track

The leader of the pack is the one to follow. Let’s get behind the candidate who can make things happen and keep things going in the right direction. Creativity makes this a clever political slogan.


69. A Stronger America

Strength is loved worldwide, and any candidate needs to show it and believe in it. Perhaps the original candidate who used this, John Kerry in 2004, was hoping to get some strength for his campaign.


70. I’m Running for President, Have you Heard? Vote for Me and Spread the Word.

This is a funny and almost lighthearted approach to any election. A little self-deprecation can go a long way in making people think you’re a grounded and humble person. If you’ve heard of this candidate, then go ahead spread the word.


71. Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death

No one can argue against the powerful spirit of freedom and the pursuit of liberty. Any slogan that carries this type of message should get a reaction. Patrick Henry—prior to the American Revolutionary War—coined this slogan.


72. Nothing About Us Without Us!

This is a direct call to action for everyone to get involved—not just a chosen few. This slogan is best to communicate the idea that no policy should be decided by any representative without the full and direct participation of members the whole society affected by that policy.


73. Think Globally, Act Locally

In other words, “Think Global, Act Local” has been used in various contexts, including town planning, environment, and business ventures. However, we need to think of what is around us and not get hung up with faraway problems.


74. Two, Four, Six, Eight! Vote for (Name), Don’t Be Late

This could be a cheer or a jingle, too. It’s alarmingly simple and cuts to the chase. Don’t be late, or you’ll miss your chance to vote and win. This could be used as a city council or campaign election slogan.


75. Some Decisions in Life are Just that Easy. (Name) for Vice Prez.

It is easy peasy. Go and vote, and don’t over-think the option. It is that easy, so make a decision and vote for me. If only it was so easy this November. Giggle Snort


76. Country First

John McCain used the slogan “Country First” in 2008. However, now more than ever, we may need to add “Country and Strong Wi-Fi First”. Nothing happens unless it is a social media event. Seriously, let’s think of country first before voting.


77. Don’t vote for them, they don’t know what to do. Vote for me, and I’ll MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

You can get happy shiny and full of fantasies and ultimately dreams coming true with this slogan. This may be a bit crazy, but it’s enthralling in these tense times.


78. Bank on Me. I Will Treasure Your Vote

This political slogan could be used in the context of prudent savings or financial success.


79. A Fair Day’s Wage for a Fair Day’s Work

Fair and righteous in every way is definitely the qualities you look for in a leader. We don’t want to be taken advantage of in any way. This is a good slogan to make us all fight the good fight for economic fairness. American unions originally used it.


80. Each for All and All for Each

This is no doubt a campaign election slogan for all occasions, and it’s so inclusive. The Tariff Reform League originally used this political slogan in 1905. This choice of words is certainly clever and universal.


81. The Buck Stops Here

Harry Truman first uttered this slogan in reference to government accountability in 1945. It is one of the most well known campaign election slogans in the political era. The slogan implies that the responsibility for something cannot or should not be passed to someone else.


82. Be a Pal, Vote for This Gal

This could be used side by side with Hillary Clinton’s current slogan of, “I’m with Her”. It is a cheap rhyme, and it also calls for support of the lady running for office. It is a fun and clever slogan.


83. We Are the 99 Percent!

Occupy Wall Street popularized this slogan in 2011. At some point everyone has felt like they were being ripped off. We all need to band together and get behind this catch all phrase that makes everyone feel included and defiant.


84. It’s Time!

Short and sweet. You can’t beat a political slogan that just tells you it is time to move on and get on with it. I like the ease of this slogan because it’s time!


85. Piss On Pity!

Don’t feel bad for us or anyone else—especially the candidate. We all should feel we have a sense of control of our destiny. This slogan is a rallying cry for those in the inclusive circles of world politics.


86. I’m as Fit as a Bull-Moose

Teddy Roosevelt described himself this way, and later ran as a 3rd party candidate for the Bull Moose Party. This is no doubt a campaign election slogan that is full of imagery and strength.


87. I Like Ike!

A spin on “I Like Ike” from Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidential campaign from 1952 could be updated to be, “Like Me on Social Media.” We all want to be supported and liked, and any campaign election slogan should be clever and memorable.


88. Forward

This political slogan was used in the 2012 U.S. Presidential campaign of Barack Obama to great effect. You can’t beat the movement of going forward because it is always supported.


89. Now… The Next Steps

Move ahead, and let’s see the next steps of the electoral process. This is a theme or political slogan that moves forward and not backward in movement. It’s ideal for any city council slogan or race.


90. Coming Soon to a Court Room Near You

This election campaign slogan could easily be replaced with coming soon to an office or theater near you as well. How can you not love this easy political slogan? It’s clever and unforgettable.


91. Let Well Enough Alone

Used in the 1900 U.S. presidential election by William McKinley, this political slogan is full of complacency. The reasoning behind this slogan is, “Why even try? We’re a sure thing.” Sometimes this works.


92. A Cure for the Blues

Bill Clinton used this political slogan during his presidential bid. This slogan is inspired from the old music form that is classic and understood in tough times.


93. We Can Do Better.

During a difficult time or an intense political season, we can of course do better. John F. Kennedy famously used this slogan and it’s hard to debate the fact that it’s a memorable and clever political slogan.


94. Don’t be Shy, Give (Name) a Try

Don’t be hesitant; just give this candidate a chance, and don’t be timid. This funny political slogan could be used for any campaign election or city council race.


95. Peace and Prosperity

Peace and Prosperity became the watchwords of the Eisenhower years because he began his quest to the White House with this phrase in 1965. Ending the war in Korea was only the first of many foreign policy challenges that Eisenhower faced in office.


96. (Name) The Best, Forget the Rest

You can’t dispute that these words are not arrogant and unforgettable. This should make everyone aware of the fact you’re the best. A clever political slogan should be full of confidence, so that voters will remember you while casting their vote.


97. Vote for Me!

This one is nonsense and straightforward. You can’t beat the ease of this phrase. A political slogan should be easy to remember, and this slogan is perfect for campaign elections.


98. Go For Growth

The slogan refers to a period of economic growth, which makes voters feel that this should continue. This phrase or slogan that could be used for business purposes as well as any election.


99. Telling it Like It Is

Let’s not waste our time with niceties; let’s tell them like it is! This political slogan was used by Chris Christie’s campaign. Christie said, “Meaning what you say, and saying what you mean, and that’s what America needs right now.” The appeal is obvious.



Many slogans throughout history have been able to capture a moment, mood, or just be humorous. Whether you are running for city council or for a local election campaign, a great campaign or political slogan needs to unforgettable and clever. In the end, a campaign election slogan needs to be part charming and creative, two parts brand positioning, with a layer of grandeur and idealism.