31 Funny Button Ideas

31 Funny Button Ideas

Custom buttons are perfect for bringing awareness to causes, handing out as takeaways from business conferences, or for simply just being funny. If you’re in the market for buttons that make people laugh, consider one of these funny button ideas. Use them as party favors, clothing decorations, or for any occasion that needs a few laughs.

Once you find a funny saying you like, you can make custom buttons as pins, fridge magnets, keychains, and more. Create and upload your design, choose how many you want (don’t forget to make some for friends and family!), and have them shipped right to you.


98% Chimpanzee

This button will remind people where you came from…if they believe in evolution, of course. If not, it’s a good debate starter.



If I Had a Dollar for Every Time Algebra Has Helped Me, I’d Have N Dollars

You know what they say: “When will I ever need to use this again in my life?”. Now you can wear this button and delight in the fact that algebra remains useless.



Always Give 100%…Unless You’re Donating Blood

Because donating 100% of your blood could very well be an issue, this is a good reminder to usually give your all.



I’m Not Barbie! That Bitch Has Everything.

From the dream closet to the cute boyfriend to the amazing home, Barbie really does have everything. The next time a friend wants to borrow something from you, give her this button.



All Of My Childhood Heroes are Dead, Fictional, or Alcoholics

For the person who has hardly any friends left from childhood – or alcoholic ones – this button could cheer you up a little. Or depress you more. Either way, it’s funny.



Cleverly Disguised As a Responsible Adult

It’s difficult being responsible every single day. Now you can get some credit from those who may not understand how difficult it is for you to do.



I’m Off to Club Bed Featuring DJ Pillow & Mc Blanky

Sleepyheads, unite! This funny button is for those party animals who like to crash at 9PM on a Friday night instead of schmoozing at the bar.



Conversation Starter

What better way to start a conversation than with a button that says “Conversation Starter?” If you weren’t one before, you will be now. Thanks, button!



The Finishing Touch to Any Outfit is Dog Hair

For the dog lover, this button adds a little humor to your day after you’ve lint-rolled dog hair from your suit for the 10th time this morning.



Don’t Forget to Wipe!

Because wiping is obviously an essential part of your day. And friends don’t let friends forget to do it. You might as well give them a funny reminder, right?



Don’t Push My Buttons

This button has a play on words that couldn’t be more perfect for a button. If you hand these out at work, you’re sure to quickly learn who the most immature co-worker is (hint: he probably likes to push buttons, literally).



Don’t Ask Me. Just GOOGLE It.

Seriously, why does anyone ask a question anymore? GOOGLE knows it all. And it takes all of about two seconds to get an answer. Wear this when you’re over people asking silly questions.



If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your…Aw!

This button is one of the best funny button pins. Why? Because, T-Rex arms are ridiculously funny…and short. Very short. So they can’t clap well and it makes them sad. Which, in turn, is funny.



What if the Hokey Pokey Really Is What It’s All About?

For many generations, kids have delighted in singing and dancing to the Hokey Pokey and being told “That’s what it’s all about!”. But what if that’s true? This button brings the important issue to light, which is both depressing and funny.



I Drink to Make Other People Interesting

If you are confident that your drunken self is pretty interesting and prefer to drink while people-watching, this button is for you.



Who’s in Charge Here?! Oh, Right, Ha Ha Ha, I Am.

Are you a bit of a pushover with your kids or your work staff? Well, at least this funny button can make you laugh while wallowing in self-pity.



Let’s Eat Grandma. Let’s Eat, Grandma. Commas Save Lives.

Grammar police will love this button. Because, of course, no one wants to eat Grandma, right? This comical button will remind others to use their commas correctly.



Your Lips Look So Lonely…Would They Like to Meet Mine?

This button is perfect for want-to-be Romeos. Put a button like this on and you’re sure to have the ladies swoon…or at least a few laughs.



Eat Sleep Netflix

Who doesn’t love to eat, sleep, and watch Netflix? Netflix lovers can hand out these buttons to their movie-marathon friends.



This Is Not the Life I Ordered

If you’re feeling a little ho hum about your life and need a pick-me-up, this button just may do it. Or, it can be a conversation starter for friends to create an impromptu therapy session.



I Have CDO. It’s Like OCD, But the Letters Are in Order Like They Should Be.

This button is the perfect custom button for OCD sufferers. If you have something you live with every day, you might as well poke some fun at it.



I Have No Idea Why I’m Out of Bed

This could be a good button for those early work meetings to give everyone a laugh before listening to your boss drone on about profits for an hour.



Sometimes It’s Only My Fear of Prison Food That Stops Me

If you really want to make a statement to those who annoy you, let them count their blessings when they see this button and realize just how close you’ve come to prison.



I Never Run with Scissors. Those Last Two Words Were Unnecessary.

Are you more of a walker than a runner? This funny button shows others your distaste for running, but at least makes it comical.



I Will Stop Being Sarcastic When You Stop Being Stupid

Are you sarcasm-friendly but have others who dislike your taste of humor? Make it known to them that a lack of stupidity can directly influence your sarcasm.



Easily Distracted By Shiny Objects

It’s easy to get distracted by shiny, colorful things. Hopefully, you won’t get too distracted by your new, shiny button!



Not All Supervisors are A$$holes. Some Are Stupid A$$holes

This button may not be the best one to wear to work. However, it could provide some much-needed entertainment among co-workers during an post-work hangout.



Only YOU Can Prevent Times New Roman

Typography lovers will enjoy meeting others who get the humor behind this button. Not all fonts are created equal, especially those that should be left in the dinosaur age of computers.



Vote for Pedro

If you’ve been following the U.S. Presidential election, you might just be at a point where you’d vote for Pedro, too. Might as well broadcast who your vote is going for with a political button.



I am Outdoorsy. I Drink Wine on My Patio.

If you tend to get picked on for not being an outdoorsy person, let people know you are. Make a button like this, get a glass of wine, and go sit outside. You’re welcome.



After Monday and Tuesday Even the Calendar Says WTF

The start of the work week is tough, but nearing Friday can seem to take an eternity. Apparently, the calendar shares your thoughts!