4 Exclusive Hidden Offers Not Found On Our Site

4 Exclusive Hidden Offers Not Found On Our Site

4 Exclusive Hidden Offers Not Found On Our Site

UberButtons® Uncategorized December 13, 2018 Comments

Did you know about UberButtons’ “hidden offers”?

Our creative customers are always looking to expand their horizons by adding different items to their portfolios. So, we decided to lift the curtain to reveal all possible options!

We have partnered with this awesome company PatchSuperstore, to give you more products.

Check out the gems below and you can even order them directly. Use promo code UB20

1. Enamel Pins

enamel pins hidden offer old woman wearing a boa and some dancing shoes on a green background

First, enamel pins are a huge fashion statement now which means you can capitalize on this trend by turning your unique design into soft enamel, hard enamel or cloisonne style pins. So, we’ve teamed up with PatchSuperstore to offer these high-quality keepsakes! Add a unique layer to your design or portfolio by turning your design into a long-lasting pin.

Give your fans a way to connect with your creations and show love for their favorite artists. Pins are the gateway to creating a movement, making a statement and getting your work out there. You owe it to yourself and your brand to level-up. Click here for Enamel Pins to take the first step in pin creation.

2. Custom Made Patches (Hidden Offer)

custom made patch hidden offer jackalope holding banner burners without borders on a cream background

Above all, buttons and patches go together like peas and carrots. Give your fans, customers or supporters a way to customize their favorite bag or clothes with custom-made embroidered patches. We make these hidden offers with the help of our friends at PatchSuperstore, and their quality is unmatched. 

custom made patches hidden offers rugrats inspired patch featuring person in wheelchair

Choose from many different styles like traditional embroidery, woven patches or even PVC patches. Add patches to shirts to create a unique uniform design or even design a line of hats with your custom label design- create your brand! Furthermore, with so many styles and options to choose from, we can make your dreams become reality. Learn more about patching up your wardrobe with embroidered patches.

3. Coins

custom coins hidden offers die cast coin made into a bottle opener and american humane association coin on yellow background

Traditionally, we associate coins with military honors, but that’s only scratching the surface of possibilities. They are created using custom built molds that are made to any size and shape. Not only that, from polished gold to black nickel, myriad metal options means myriad design options.

Coins are excellent tokens to offer to the die-hard fan. Functional as paperweights or as keepsakes, these niche coins are excellent collectibles for your fanbase or supporters. Add challenge coins to your merch table.

4. Tervis Tumblers

tervis tumbler hidden offers tumbler with green lid and pineapple patch

If you’re looking to go the extra mile we make customized Tervis tumblers. Whether you want a patch monogram or a printed design on your tumbler, we can do it with the help of our friends at PatchSuperstore.

Also, Tervis tumblers are highly visible and meaningful pieces of merchandise. Everyone likes receiving a reliable container keeping their favorite beverages at just the right temperature!

Not only are they functional, but they are large enough that you will broadcast your design to all who see the cup, creating ample opportunity for word of mouth praise for your brand or organization. Learn how to create your own tumblers, here.

Find all of these options at our site. Shoot our art department an email at service@uberbuttons.com and ask for any of the hidden offers to get started.

And as always, if you or your brand, company or organization are in need of quality custom buttons, click here to place an order.