Why Your Bar Needs Custom Bottle Openers

Why Your Bar Needs Custom Bottle Openers

Why Your Bar Needs Custom Bottle Openers

UberButtons® Marketing March 28, 2018 Comments

Marketing your bar or pub requires an outside of the box attitude. Everyone enjoys a good beer and that means you have a wide range of capabilities to market with. You could engage in some guerrilla marketing and organize a flash mob at your bar, or you could save yourself time and money and invest in some custom made bottle openers.

Why You Need Bottle Openers!

Bottle openers – those elusive tools that never seem to be around when we need them. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to open a refreshing drink only to realize it isn’t a twist off.

If your bar thinks smart, you can fill that need and in doing so, become a name your customers remember.

custom button bottle opener

Place bottle openers or bottle opener keychains (even better!) with your logo and information in a bowl on the bar or by the door.

When your patrons leave the bar they can grab a keychain to remember you by. When they use this handy tool, they will:

a) read your bar’s name and phone number

b) be reminded of the time they received the bottle opener

Promotional items are great mementos for your customers. If they first walked into your bar during a pub crawl or an event having a blast with tons of like-minded people, this item is more valuable than you may think. Customers who have positive memories associated with interacting with your business are more likely to come back.

custom button bottle opener

You need custom button bottle openers because they are:

Useful tools: People need bottle openers for fancy sodas, beers, and other beverages. This turns your marketing item into an item with an actual value.

Low-cost marketing: Custom button bottle openers have a very low overhead cost. You get more bang for your buck!

Constant Reminder: Keychains and bottle openers are excellent mementos. Associate your bar with great memories and create repeat patrons.