25 Iconic Campaign Buttons

25 Iconic Campaign Buttons

25 Iconic Campaign Buttons

UberButtons® Campaigning March 15, 2018 Comments

It’s 2018 and mid-term election campaigning is underway! Campaign buttons are an American tradition dating back to the very first American election of George Washington. If you are running for re-election or even just trying to get your foot in the door, you want to make sure that your community can see you! Campaign buttons are the perfect way to accomplish this. Illustrate your platform, shine a light on your cause and let the community know what you’re all about with low-cost, campaign buttons.

1. “All The Way” with LBJ

LBJ, the president most well known for Civil Rights Legislation and the Vietnam War, ran for re-election after taking over as president after the Assassination of JFK.

2. “Keep the Ass Off the Whitehouse Grass – It’s All Dewey!”

Thomas E. Dewey ran for president against Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1948. This one is a play on the fact that Democrats are widely depicted as Donkeys while Republicans are shown as Elephants.

3. “I Like Ike” – Time for a Change

Dwight D. Eisenhower sometimes referred to as Ike, ran on this slogan. This button asserts that the Whitehouse needs a diaper change, just like this baby.

4. “Don’t Settle for Peanuts, Elect Ford”

Gerald Ford ran against Jimmy Carter, who was a peanut farmer. He was often referred to as the Peanut. This button plays on that idea.

5. “If He’s So Dumb, How Come He’s President?”

This button was used when he ran for his second term against Jimmy Carter, after taking over the Presidency after Nixon’s resignation.

6. “Reagan Eats It”

No minced words, here! This button shows the wearer’s fervent distaste for President Ronald Reagan.

7. “I’m a Beatle Fan – In Case of Emergency, Place My Vote for LBJ!”

Beatle Mania directly coincided with the presidency of LBJ. This button shows the wearer’s support for both the famous Brits and the 36th President of the United States.

8. “I’m with Magic! People 1st, Clinton & Gore.”

Magic Johnson was a famous basketball player who endorsed the Bill Clinton and Al Gore 1992 Presidency.

9. In Your Heart, You Know He’s Right

Barry Goldwater ran against Jimmy Carter using this slogan. Which was quickly turned against him in the next entry.

10. In Your Guts, You Know He’s Nuts

Barry Goldwater’s opponent Jimmy Carter turned his opponent’s slogan around on him with the above button.

11. Goldwater, Our Next President

This is a very clever button. Barry Goldwater used his last name, broken down into elemental abbreviations – Au (Gold) and Water (H2O), and included his party’s Elephant.

12. Don’t be a “Jack” Ass, Vote Republican

This is another play on the Republican Elephant vs. Donkey Democrat debate.

13. They Can’t Lick Our Dick

Richard Nixon, otherwise known as “Dick” Nixon, ran against LBJ and won. This was one of his, more interesting, button slogans.

14. Abraham Lincoln Campaign Button


Campaign buttons have a rich tradition even dating back to the Civil War era! Check out this 158-year-old button featuring the name of his Vice President, Hannibal Hamlin. Abraham Lincoln used this button to run against his opponent, George Brinton McClellan.

15. Hillary has the 1%, Bernie has the 99%

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders ran against Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Bernie Sander’s platform was that of the people, sometimes called the 99%, while Hillary’s politics slanted more towards that 1% who control the country’s wealth. In the end, Bernie Sanders didn’t win the nomination, and Hillary lost to Donald Trump.

16. Hey, Newt! Your Proctologist Called…They Found Your Head!

Proctologist: a branch of medicine dealing with the structure and diseases of the anus, rectum, and sigmoid colon.

17. It’s Time To Elect Nixon For President

This is a clever way of playing around with letter spacing. Using almost no illustrations this button paints the whole picture.

18. “I Am For Playgrounds.” -Taft

This one is just plain funny. Today, playgrounds seem like small peanuts, but back in 1909, public works were not a given in the country. Taft ran on a platform to continue President Roosevelt’s plan before him.

19. He’s No Quaker, He’s a Faker

Despite fighting in WWII, Nixon was born and raised in the, notoriously pacifist, Quaker faith. During the Watergate Scandal, many called for his resignation. This button espouses that statement.

20. Silent, Safe, Sure – Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge is famous for being extremely quiet and reserved. There is a famous anecdote that during a Whitehouse dinner, a woman sitting across from Coolidge stated that she made a bet she could get more than 3 words out of him. He paused for a moment and responded, “You lose.”

21. Carter For President

President Jimmy Carter, the Peanut Farmer with the big doofy smile, ran on his likability and pacifism.

22. “He Does Things!”

This one for Senator A.D Stephens is just plain hilarious. He does things? Well, yes, but what?

23. “Take, Advice, From, Teddy” TAFT

After Theodore Roosevelt left office, Taft ran on a similar platform. He used this to endorse him campaign by citing Teddy Roosevelt’s approval.

24. The Time Is Now, Reagan-Bush in ’80

This is a simple design and a simple message. Campaign buttons don’t have to be complex, just get your point across with as little as you can.

25. In Your Guts, You Know He’s Nuts

Another play on the Goldwater button, this one taking a stab at the 45th President, Donald Trump.