Using The Button Tagline To Your Advantage

Using The Button Tagline To Your Advantage

Using The Button Tagline To Your Advantage

UberButtons® Marketing August 2, 2018 Comments

Of all the advantages of promotional buttons, there is one key element that is often overlooked. The button tagline! Taglines are placed around the outside of the button design and are placed on the outside edges of your button.

They are the little sweet spot that very few ever think about, but a tagline can represent your company’s phone number, an organizational motto or, on a memorial button, the birth and death date of a passed loved one.

These little-known gems are excellent ways to get some additional free advertising. If your button promotes a business, you can’t forget to give your potential customers a way to get in touch with you. That’s where the tagline comes in! It is the perfect spot to place a website URL or social media handle.

Writing a good slogan is an art in and of itself. Here are a few key elements to implement if you want your button to make a good impression.

Get Punny With Your Tagline

People love puns. Puns are clever plays on words that maximize creativity. The punnier your tagline is the better it will stick in the minds of your potential audience because most puns are funny! People love funny slogans and puns because they are extra memorable. Remember Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” campaign, what about Dollar Shave Club’s “Shave Time. Shave Money.” If your slogan is clever enough to include a pun, it deserves to be on your button tagline.

Make It Relevant

If you are promoting a beauty brand, the tagline is an excellent place to slip in some sass and cultural commentary. For example, many beauty brands are vegan nowadays because consumers have a cruelty-free mindset. Take full advantage of this by putting it in your tagline! “100% Cruelty-Free…unlike some other brands.”

Another great example is in the political arena. Campaign buttons are all about relevancy – if your button doesn’t comment on the current political drama, is it even a campaign button? Make mention of your party’s political values in the tagline. Say your runner’s last name is Grant and he’s running in a conservative area, the tagline could read – “Make America Grant Again.”

Play To Your Strengths

Do a little “Humble Bragging.” Humble-Bragging is the act of making a seemingly modest statement to draw positive attention to something you’re proud of. If your brand is 100% Made In The USA, put that on the tagline. Do you donate a portion of your profits to charity? Say that! If your company employs a large number of disabled veterans or those with physical handicaps, let the world know.

So, don’t let your tagline go to waste. Depending on how much thought, effort and time you put into creating it, it can have a serious impact on the way your audience perceives you and on your bottom line. Order your custom buttons with us.