Why Your Beauty Line Needs Button Mirrors

Why Your Beauty Line Needs Button Mirrors

Why Your Beauty Line Needs Button Mirrors

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Studies show that 55% of consumers are buying their make-up online now.

Social Media has changed the game when it comes to marketing a business. Not only does your product line need an impeccable social media presence and a stand-out design, but because there are so many options for a customer to choose from, they are also looking for an incentive – what makes your brand stand out? Button mirrors, of course!

Why should the customer choose your company over another?

Is it a matter of price point? Does your line have a specific ingredient that they can’t get enough of? Maybe your campaign contributes to a charity close to their heart? Maybe an influencer has been singing your line’s praises.

If you’re looking to turn potential customers into loyal fans, consider including customized button mirrors in your presentation for some awesome, useful swag that other companies haven’t caught on to yet!

Why Button Mirrors?


  1. Cost Effective & Useful
  2. Customizable
  3. They Compliment Your Product

Allow me to explain!

Cost Effective & Useful:

Compared to many promotional products, button mirrors are extremely inexpensive. Rather than including an expensive tote, useless nail file, or bottle of mystery lotion in your product order, get a set of button mirrors. They are compact, making them easy to tote around in a purse or makeup bag and they have a very low-overhead cost for you.


body shop mirror button on white background

Companies like Birchbox and Ipsy have noted that customers are looking for a customizable experience when getting their subscription boxes sent each month. And what better way to meet that need than by including a customized button mirror with their purchase? Our artists can take any logo, idea or pre-created design and place it on a 2.5” to 3” button mirror, creating a perfect gift for your customer.

Does your line have a #hastag? Include it in your mirror. Do you have a secondary logo? Include it in your button mirror! Want to make them customer-customizable? Encourage your fans to use a sharpie to design their own logo and hashtag you on Instagram! Button mirrors are an excellent way to engage your base!

Compliment Your Product:

This may be the most important reason why you should choose button mirrors as your promotional product. They are going to be used by your customer! If your beauty line sells lipstick, eyeliner, blush or even foundation, you know your consumer will have a tough time applying your product without the help of a mirror.

Makeup and mirrors go together like Instagram and hashtags! Like peas and carrots! One is extremely useful to the other. They compliment each other very well. And what could be worse than spending the money and time designing a product for your base, only to find out that the product isn’t getting used!?

So, ultimately, there really is no way you can go wrong with these excellent little additions to your line. Get your custom buttons at our site.