50 Campaign Slogan Ideas for Student Body Elections

50 Campaign Slogan Ideas for Student Body Elections

50 Campaign Slogan Ideas for Student Body Elections

UberButtons® Campaigning June 20, 2016 Comments

A lot has changed in student government since Marsha ran against Greg in the “Vote for Brady” episode of the Brady Bunch circa 1973. Gone are the days of letter writing campaigns and creating flyers for the school dance. Today, it’s organizing a mailing list and running a social media campaign that can reach your entire class.

While your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages can showcase your visual appeal and decorate your ideas and promises, you still have to talk with people face to face in order to get them to trust you. When you do, you need to make sure that your slogan and all of its charm is staring right in the face of your potential supporters. The best way to do this is with a clever campaign slogan that works on a button.

In any type of election, the first step is getting your name to move from the ballot to the office is the perfect slogan made to be engaging. Check out these 50 fabulous campaign slogans.

1. Wanted Poster

Wanted Poster

Make a poster or a custom button to look like a worn Wanted Poster, and then add your campaign slogan: WANTED: (name) for (position). REWARD: A great year.

2. Minion Theme


Create a poster or a button with a minion as the background and then add the phrase, “There’s a “minion” reasons to vote for (name.)

3. One Way Arrow

Brick One Way Sign

As the main component to your design, use a one-way street sign. Then add the phrase, “There’s only one way to vote for (position) and that’s (name).

4. Google Theme

Google Search Box

Show a picture of Google, and in the search box add the phrase, “Best candidate for (position).” Then on the results page only show one answer, (name).

5. Lollipop Theme

Lollipop Background

Add a graphic of lollipops to your marketing and then accompany it with the slogan, “Don’t be a Sucker. Vote for (name).

6. Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie Slip

Using a fortune cookie image in your campaign, add your name to the fortune slip, and use the phrase, “For Good Fortune, Vote for (name from the slip inside the fortune cookie) for (position).

7. Road to Success

Paved Road

The image would be a paved road going off in the distance with a phrase like, “Follow (name) on the road to success”.

8. Pizza Theme

Pizza Slice Taken

Include an image of a big pizza with a slice being taken out of it, and use the phrase similar to, “Let’s share a slice of success together. Vote for (name)”.

9. Box Theme

Open Box on Wood

In your image of a box, write, “Think outside the box. Vote for (name)”.

10. Flow Chart

Flowchart with boxesstreaming Pitch Perfect 2 film

Make a flowchart with questions like, “Are you happy?” “Do you want change?” Have each box connect and lead to your name at the bottom.

11. Chemistry Theme

Beakers and Chemicals

Your image would be beakers and chemicals, and your phrase can be, “The catalyst for change: vote for (name).”

12. Open Doors

Open Doors

Have a picture of multiple open doors and include the phrase, “Opening doors for new opportunities. Vote for (name).”

13. Texting Theme

Text Convo

Have a screenshot of a text conversation as your image, and have the conversation: Person one, “Hey! Who’s the best candidate for (position)?” Person two, “(Name), of course!”

14. Holiday Theme

Snowman lights

If your campaign is near a holiday, take advantage! For example, for a campaign during Christmas, “All I want for Christmas is for you to vote for me.”

15. Word Cloud

word cloud

Create your own word cloud, with your name as the biggest word and the smaller words around it being words like “vote for me”, “success”, “change”, and “future”.

16. Transformer Theme


Use an image of your favorite Transformer and include the phrase, “Let’s transform this (audience you will be running). Vote for (name).”

17. Rhyme or Poem

Poetry blocks

Make a catchy poem or rhyming phrase with your name for people to easily remember you.

18. Sports Theme

nike just do it

Use the logo of a sports brand such as Nike and say, “Vote for (name). Just do it.”

19. Hashtag


Create your own hashtags that can be spread through social media using your name and catchy words that might rhyme or are easy to remember.

20. Hot Sauce

Hotsauce Vector Image

Have a picture of hot sauce and on the label write, “Let’s spice things up. Vote for (name).”

21. Crossing the Bridge


Include an image of a bridge, perhaps a famous bridge such as the Golden Gate Bridge and write, “Have ideas? Have problems? Have concerns? Let’s cross that bridge together. Vote for (name).”

22. Sheep Theme


Include a picture of a sheep and write, “Will ewe vote for (name)?”

23. Lego Theme

LEGO construction

Your image can be a Lego construction of some kind and the words to include can be, “Lego of the past. Let’s move forward. Vote for (name).”

24. Ice Cream Theme

Ice Cream Cone

Picture of a big ice cream cone and write, “Cone you vote for (name). That would be pretty sweet.”

25. Recipe Theme

fancy dinners

Include images of fancy dinners and on the side will be a recipe. The title can be “Recipe for Success” and the Ingredients can be items such as, “One cup of (name)”, “two teaspoons of change”, “one tablespoon of a bright future” and “a dash of hope for all” with instructions at the bottom such as, “Mix all ingredients into a large mixing bowl and bring it to (address of voting location). Turn the success on high and vote for (name).”

26. Rain Theme

rainy day

Picture of a rainy day. Include a phrase such as, “(name) can shower this (audience that candidate will lead) in change. One drop at a time. Vote for (name).”

27. Bubble Gum

blowing bubble gum

Picture of people blowing bubbles with bubble gum and a couple people with popped bubbles on their face. Write, “Let’s make this year pop! Vote for (name).”

28. Stairs


Have a staircase as your image and write, “Let’s step things up. Vote for (name).”

29. Shoe Theme

shoe buckle

Picture of a shoe with a buckle on it and write, “Let’s buckle down and make a change. Vote for (name).”

30. Mountains

mountain ranges

Have a picture of a mountain range and say, “Let’s climb mountains together. Vote for (name).”

31. Cake Theme

strawberry cake

With an image of a cake, include the phrase, “The icing on the cake for this (organization being lead) would be to vote for (name).”

32. Fitness Theme

weight training

Show pictures of barbells and weights with people working out and use a phrase similar to, “Let’s workout the problems. We can win this race to success. Vote for (name).”

33. Beauty Theme

beauty products

Have a picture of makeup and beauty tools such as different brushes and hair products and write, “Let’s glam things up and make this (organization being lead). Vote for (name).”

34. Push for Change

cartoon pushing

Have a cartoon character or person pushing an object and write, “Let’s push for change. Vote for (name).”

35. Rock

hard rock band

Picture of a hard rock band and write, “Let’s make this year rock! Vote for (name).”

36. Dream Theme

cartoon man dreaming

Have an image of a person or animal sleeping with a thought bubble of the sleeping person or animal as a superhero or successful in some way. Write, “Let’s dream big. Vote for (name).”

37. Puzzle Theme

puzzle background

Create an image of a puzzle with the pieces saying “hard work”, “success”, “inspiration”, and other qualifications you have along with the organization you wish to lead. Have one final piece disconnected to the puzzle and write your name. Below the image write, “The final piece to the puzzle is (name). Vote for me!”

38. Fruit

basket of fruit

Picture of a basket of fruit and say, “Let’s make this year fruitful! Vote for (name).”

39. Bagel and Cream Cheese

bagel with cream cheese

Include an image of a bagel with someone spreading cream cheese (or jelly, peanut butter, honey, etc.) and say, “Let’s spread the need for change! Vote for (name).”

40. Picture Theme

blank photo album

Create an image of a photo album with one page blank with a question mark on it. Write, “Picture the future of (organization to be lead). Vote for (name)!”

41. Marching Band Theme

marching band

Create an image of a marching band and include a phrase like, “March to the beat of the future of (organization to be lead). Vote for (name)!”

42. Crystal Ball

crystal ball

Picture of a crystal ball and write, “What do you see for the future of (organization to be lead)? (Name) has all the answers. Vote for (name).”

43. Plant Growing

plant growth

Show an image of a plant growing and include a view of the roots underground. Write, “Let’s get to the root of the problems and blossom into something beautiful. Vote for (name).”

44. Glasses

looking through glasses

Create an image that makes it look like the viewer is looking through eyeglasses. In one side write, “Can you see success? Do you see change?” On the other side of the glasses in the frames write, “Vote for (name). He does.”

45. Watch/Time Theme

Apple Watch

Show a picture of a watch or clock and write, “Time is ticking! Let’s make a change together. Vote for (name).”

46. Light Bulb

light bulb

Picture of a light bulb and write, “Let’s light up this (organization to be lead)! Vote for (name).”

47. Meme

meme board

Create a meme that is related to the overall theme of your organization that is humorous and memorable.

48. Celebrity


Photoshop a picture of a celebrity that has a shirt that reads, “Vote for (name).” Include the phrase, “Look, (celebrity’s name) is doing it! Vote for (name).”

49. Fireworks Theme


Along with an image of fireworks, write, “Make sparks fly and dreams come true. Vote for (name).”

50. Disney Theme

mulan characters

Try making a play off of words to your favorite Disney song. For example, as a Mulan theme, write, “Let’s get down to business, and lead (organization to be lead). Vote for (name)”. Use a picture of Mulan characters to complement the text.