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Carrie Madarang
We'll be back.
They look amazing and the quality of the pin is fab. Adding Uberbuttons to my favorites! Read more
Mark Wilcox
Will definitely order again.
These were exactly what I needed. The art I supplied was used perfectly. They are much better made than the home kit I have tried. Will definitely order again. Read more
Will Moroney
Great product
The buttons came out just the way I wanted to and came earlier than expected in the mail which was great, I would definitely use Uber buttons again Read more
Diane Sametz
Perfect for my needs.
They were perfect and arrived on schedule! Very satisfied! Read more
Carla Silvestrone
10/10 Experience!
I was so pleased with my order! It came in on time and looked exactly how I wanted them to! Everything was perfect. Read more
Mary McCullough
The buttons were just what I ordered, just not when I needed them
I have used Uber Buttons on several occasions and have been pleased until this time. When I placed my order, I included in the comment box that I needed my buttons within 48 hours of placing the order and if it couldn't be done that I would probably not submit the order. When they called the following morning for me to proof the button layout, no comment was shared that they would be unable to support my request for a quick turn around - so I assumed that it would be accommodated. Silly me. I placed the order Thursday night, approved the proof Friday morning and was expecting the buttons - anytime Saturday. Buttons arrived noon on Monday. I had to arrange for someone to go by my house (with three kids in tow) and meet me half way to handoff the buttons (about an hour drive one way for each of us). on Monday. I didn't really have the time on Monday but the buttons would have been useless if I didn't pass them out on Monday.
The buttons were just what I ordered, just not when I needed them.
Read more
Paige Barnes
Wonderful Read more
Nicholas Battjes
Great buttons
The buttons were exactly what we wanted. The buttons were bright and shiny. The colors were amazing. Read more
George Soltis
Buttons look great as always
Buttons look great as always.
Very well done.
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Molly McQuown
The buttons I ordered look exactly as I had pictured. Great job! Very pleased with my order and the amount of time it took for the buttons to arrive. Read more