How To Make The Best Of Promotional Buttons

How To Make The Best Of Promotional Buttons

How To Make The Best Of Promotional Buttons

UberButtons® Marketing, Uncategorized June 6, 2018 Comments

Promotional buttons are inexpensive, unobtrusive and most importantly, effective! But buttons are only as effective as those who use them. If used improperly, they can fall as flat as an infomercial. Below we have collected some tips for making the best of your buttons.

Logo Design


The design of your button is directly correlated to the way it performs. Because they are meant to say a lot with very little the design you choose has to be able to convey the message with style. So, a good rule of thumb for your design is that it should be simple. This makes it easy to read from long distances. Your design should be eye-catching, using a good color scheme. Buttons that look great utilize the color wheel, this doesn’t mean your button has to be BRIGHT RED, but rather that the colors you choose should compliment each other.

Next, these principles can be applied to anything you design. Keep the design simple, colorful, easy to read and easy to recognize. Give your potential customers a design they will remember by capitalizing on the unique elements of your product, organization or event.

Button Size Matters


While it may not matter in some other aspects of life when it comes to button design – size matters! The larger your button, no matter if it is a pinback, magnet or keychain, the easier it will be to read. That is a given, but that also means the product is more cumbersome and takes up more space. But, if the button is too small, the logo is almost unreadable/unidentifiable. Finding the happy medium for your button is key.

Depending on the promotion and the type of button you may need a rectangular, diamond-shaped or round button. If you are promoting a business, organization or event using a magnetic button, the bigger the better! Take up as much fridge space as you can.


Not all buttons have to be exactly the same, in fact, customizable and personalized buttons are a great way to engage your audience. If you’ve ever been to a party you may have seen the “Hello, My Name Is…” stickers – we can not only create buttons like those, but by using a dry-erase marker they are reusable over and over again.

If you are buying buttons for an event you can help guests and participants identify themselves by using color-coded buttons. For instance, if you are throwing a dating party, create buttons in Green, Yellow, and Red. Green signifies “Single,” Yellow signifies “It’s Complicated” and Red signifies “In a Relationship.”

We hope these tips are helpful in creating your custom buttons. Get started, here.