21 Of The Best Florida Vacation Spots

Florida, where we ride alligators to work and drink fresh squeezed orange juice with every meal – or at least that’s what non-Floridians think of us! Florida is probably the least-understood place in the US, there are so many different areas and activities to explore here. We made a list of the 25 best Florida vacation spots to help you plan your upcoming trip! Continue reading 21 Of The Best Florida Vacation Spots

5 Insider Tips for Designing Custom Buttons

We at UberButtons know that designing a custom buttons logo takes a lot of skill. From deciding the color scheme to arranging all the elements, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Putting together all of the elements of design in a harmonious way is a huge challenge. To help prevent a case of analysis paralysis, below is a list we compiled of all the key design elements needed to create the button of your dreams! Continue reading 5 Insider Tips for Designing Custom Buttons

Increase Brand Awareness With Custom Buttons

We at UberButtons could extoll the virtues of promotional buttons forever! Not only are they a fabulous way to market your event, business or organization, but they are also a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness. Imagine every single customer, attendee or volunteer promoting your brand by acting as a walking billboard with one of your buttons on their shirt or bag.

Our custom pins can take on any shape or size required – this means your design can stand out with a uniquely shaped button. One often overlooked shape is the diamond! We love creating these one-of-a-kind buttons. Below are just three of the many ways that Diamond Button Pins can help increase the awareness for your brand.

Low-Cost = Volume 

Personalized buttons are underutilized in marketing! Right now, pinback buttons are making a comeback, not only for promotion but also as flair to be worn for any occasion. People want to wear buttons and if you can create a design that your customers want to rep, you’re golden. Compared to creating a billboard or placing an ad in a newspaper, buttons are extremely cost-effective. You can buy hundreds of unique buttons for the same cost as one ad in a newspaper!

create brand awareness with these diamond buttons

The high volume of your order means that your brand will be easily accessible by many people. The more people your brand reaches, the more opportunity for sales conversions. Consider buttons a smart investment.

Unique Shape = Brand Awareness

create brand awareness with these diamond buttons


You’ve heard of the square button, maybe even the rectangular button but I bet you’ve never seen a diamond shaped button! These little eye-catchers are easily the best shape to place your design on – in a sea of round buttons, take your brand awareness to the next level with the stand-out diamond! The shape of the button really compliments any design logo. The 4 points of the diamond draw the eye to the center making your custom logo the focal point!   

Ultimately, promotional materials are used to create more awareness for your brand and generate more revenue for your business. Maximize your returns by choosing a unique shape for your buttons.

Endlessly Customizable

create brand awareness with these diamond buttons

Get exactly what you want! Prefer a matte finish – we can do that! In need of a larger button – we can do that! If you’d rather your button backing be magnetic instead of pinback – we can do that! If you’re looking for a button that will help build brand awareness, can go the distance for any event or promotion your business or organization has planned.

Get your own buttons at our site, here.

Button Bottle Openers: Perfect For Summertime

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Do you imagine long trips to the beach to soak up the warm weather or maybe going to lawn parties and enjoying the sunshine? Either way, nothing says summer like an ice cold beer and if you’re planning to host one of those beach days or lawn parties, you should invest in some custom button bottle openers.

Continue reading Button Bottle Openers: Perfect For Summertime